Zeus’s Enemies – Titans

25 05 2009


The Titans are the first gods that existed before the Olympians. The Olympians are all the Titans’ offsprings.

The Titans were elder gods that was overthrown by the younger gods, the Olympians. There are 12 Titans. Not all of the Titans are Zeus’s enemies, only some. The Titan that Zeus hates the most is Cronus, his own father, who tried to eat him when he was a baby, and also for wanting to take revenge on the Olympians for taking the Titans’ throne.

There is another Titaness who hates Zeus. Her name is Gaea, the Titaness of mother nature. It is because she was mad at Zeus for eliminating her family and children. She created the Giants, which is also the enemy of Zeus and she mated with Tartarus (which is a place and/or a deity) and they created Typhon, some kind of a horrible beast shaped like a human with snake-like features.

Cronus and Rhea

Cronus and Rhea




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