The Olympians

25 05 2009


The Olympians


 The Olympians are also Zeus’s enemies. The Olympians became his enemies because after he become the supreme ruler and god, he became impulsive and arrogant and that makes some of the Olympians resent him. The one that resents him the most are Hera, Athena, Poseidon, and Hades. They trapped him in his throne and taking away his thunderbolts. When they were arguing about who gets to be the next ruler, a Titaness, Thetis, summoned a creature called Briarus and freed Zeus and gave him his thunderbolts back. Zeus got his payback and punished some of the Olympian gods such as; Poseidon and Hermes by sending them both to Earth and making them into mortal peasants that have to serve mortal kings, and also Hera, he strung her with an unbreakable silver thread and he tied to huge heavy anvils on her feet. But he didn’t punish Athena, because she was his favorite daughter. A few nights later, Zeus releases Hera because he felt sorry for her. That’s all for the Olympians.




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