The Giants and Typhon

25 05 2009

The Giants and Typhon

Another one of Zeus’s Enemies. The Giants and Typhon. The Giants and Typhon were created by Gaea, the Titaness of earth and mother nature. She created this horrible beasts and/or creatures because she resents Zeus for eliminating her family and children. The giants was a huge and horrible creature. It walked to Mount Olympus, and no god can beat it. Then an oracle told Zeus that no god can defeat the beast, only a mortal can. So, Zeus brought his mortal son Hercules and Hercules slew the horrible creature. The next is Typhon, which is also a child of Gaea and Tartarus, the guardian of the underworld. Typhon is a beast that is shaped like a human but he has snake-like features. Typhon was bigger than the mountains and his hair brushed across the stars, the Olympians ran in fear, they turn themselves into animals running away to Egypt and hiding from Typhon. But Athena stayed and made fun of Zeus by saying he can’t beat Typhon. Zeus got mad and they battled and finally, Typhon climbed Mount Aetna and Zeus hit Typhon with a perfect thunderbolt and he came crashing to the ground and he was splattered and covered by Mount Aetna, some say he dies, some say he’s still alive. That’s all!




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